The National Lottery The Chase Advert Actors

The National Lottery has launched a new TV advert, aimed at highlighting that “Amazing things happen when people come together”.

Created by adam&eveDDB and titled “The Chase”, the spot features a young man named Mo, whose winning lottery ticket flies out of the door of his local newsagent and is forced thus to embark on a chase to take it back. Luckily, Mo’s entire community scramble into action, starting a huge chase to track down the winning ticket, which is carried away by wind.

Mo and dozens of other people are shown running through a busy marketplace, down the high street and through many other places after the piece of paper, which almost ends up into a street sweepers. Eventually, they all arrive at a bus station where a teenage boy (one of the very few who didn’t join the chase) was waiting for the bus listening to music through his headphones. After a few seconds of tension and suspense, Mo is happy to see that the boy is eager to hand him over the winning lottery ticket and doesn’t hesitate to give him a hug.

The ad, which ends with the tagline “Your numbers make amazing happen” also features special cameos from England’s top goal scorer Ellen White and 7 x Paralympic Champion Hannah Cockroft as the two athletes join the race.

The campaign is set to run across TV, VOD, Social, Digital, OOH and Digital Display for the rest of the year.

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