TaxAct Commercial Girl - Feat. Actress Alissa Razzano as April

TaxAct promotes its Tax Preparation Software in a commercial that carries the tagline “File for Less and Get More”.

The spot features a woman (played by Cynthia Strahan) struggling to do her taxes until tax expert April (played by Alissa Razzano) shows up in her backyard, saying that filing taxes doesn’t have to be complicated and that, with TaxAct, filing is simple and, the best part, getting your max refund to rain down into your pockets.

At this point, she takes out an umbrella because it starts to literally rain down with money.

The commercial ends with April urging viewers to switch to TaxAct and start for free. The tagline “File for less and get more” also flashes across the screen.

Razzano is known for having voiced Teresa and various additional voices in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. Her other works include My Dirty Little Secret, Deadhand, and The Standford Letter.

TaxAct helps people, with its tax preparation software, to e-file their federal and state tax returns, offering easy guidance and ensuring their maximum tax refund. Users can also get free on-demand, screen sharing access with a tax pro, for prices that are lower than TaxAct’s competitors TurboTax and H&R Block.

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