TalkTalk TV Advert - Pit Stop

In its latest advert, TalkTalk highlights that its full fiber goes up to 900Mb/s.

The spot features a woman driving her pregnant friend, who is about to give birth, to the hospital. On the way she assures her she has everything she needs, including a blanket and a car seat with essential oils. However, when she realizes she’s out of petrol and needs to urgently stop to a petrol station, her pregnant friend can’t help asking if she didn’t consider petrol an essential oil.

As the car stops, an entire crew comes in for a quick top-up. In just a few moments, they change tires and make several improvements, helping the two ladies get to the hospital in no time.

“Some things are better faster. That’s why TalkTalk’s full-fiber goes up to 900Mb/s, the voiceover says in the commercial, adding the tagline “New speeds, same great value. It just makes SenseSense.”


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