Starburst Airs Gummies Inflatable Cat Commercial Actress

Starburst advertises its Airs Gummies in a new commercial, titled “Strawberry Cloud”.

The spot features a young woman who, after eating a Starburst Airs gummy in her local bodega, exclaims that it’s like a “strawberry cloud”. She soon finds herself surrounded by inflated items and this is because Starburst Airs Gummies are “inflated with flavor”. Even her cat turns into an inflatable.

STARBURST Airs Gummies are a fluffier and squishier take on your favorite juicy squares, the brand says.

The gummies come in 4.3 oz candy bags in Original and Sour Tropical varieties. The Starburst range of products also includes chews, gummies, mini fruit chews, and swirlers chewy sticks.

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