Squarespace Donna Commercial

Squarespace continues its “Everything to Sell Anything” campaign with a new installment.

The spot features Donna, a woman who wanted to launch a medieval workout trend, then a perfume that keeps mosquitos away, and a fashion line of high-vis workwear.

“If only Donna would put her ideas on Squarespace. Chances are she could sell anything,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, which features the tagline “Everything to Sell Anything” flashing across the screen.

The website-building company enlisted Zendaya to highlight the same message in its Super Bowl 2022 commercial. The model/actress starred as Sally, a seashell-themed small business owner who set up a seashell store on Squarespace and expanded her business to selling all kinds of products and services.

Squarespace teamed up, in the past, with several other celebrities, including Dolly Parton, Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves.

On Squarespace’s dynamic all-in-one platforms, customers can claim a domain, build a website, sell online, and market a brand. The company’s suite of products combines cutting-edge design and world-class engineering, making it easier than ever to establish and own your online presence.


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