Cleopatra - Sportsbet Popular Same Game Multi Commercial Australia

Sportsbet promotes its Popular Same Game Multi in a new commercial, featuring Cleopatra.

One of the spots, which is part of a campaign that picks up from 2021’s “Bet With Mates” campaign, and introduces scenarios ranging from Ancient Egypt to fictional Middle Ages and deserted islands, features the Egyptian queen showing off the Popular Same Game Multi to her people and realizes, with help from one of her assistants, that she said something wrong.

The commercial ends with the voiceover urging viewers to try Popular Same Game Multi and see what bets are trending with a bonus and get on board with ease only with Sportsbet.

The campaign, which is set to remain live on various channels until the first quarter of 2023, also includes bespoke edits that run across social media, as well as OOH and Major Press.

“Our audience give us a lot of feedback on the humour and enjoyment Sportsbet campaigns deliver and we never want to let them down. From an effectiveness point of view, we’re excited about our added focus on product this year to make sure we remain relevant and truthful to a growing betting customer base,” Jason Thatcher, head of brand and advertising at Sportsbet, said in a press statement.

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