Smirnoff Kaley Cuoco Summer Babysitting Gig Commercial

Smirnoff has launched a new ad campaign, called “How to Summer: Grown-up Edition”, starring Kaley Cuoco.

The Big Bang Theory actress is featured in a Babysitting Social Responsibility ad, urging people to drink responsibly. “Hey, do you want a summer babysitting gig for someone who won’t listen, cries all the time, and refuses to go to bed?” she asks in a 15-second commercial. “Well, guess what, neither do your friends, so please drink responsibly,” she says.

At the end of the commercial, the Red, White and Berry variants are shown on the screen.

Earlier this year, the brand teamed up with Ty Dolla $ign to promote its Smirnoff Lemonade, available in Pink Lemonade and new Peach Lemonade flavors. The rapper stars in several ads for Smirnoff, and one of them is scored by his hit single “Spicy” featuring Post Malone.

The brand’s limited edition Red, White & Berry Seltzer blends have also been promoted in the past by actor, comedian, and game show host Anthony Anderson.

Smirnoff unveiled the zero-sugar hard seltzer version of its Red, White and Berry vodka back in April 2020 and tapped brand collaborator Laverne Cox and new brand partners Dave Bautista, Diane Guerrero and Megan Rapinoe to star in a dedicated campaign, titled “Hang Out from Home for America”.

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