Sling TV Crypto Dad Advice Commercial

Sling TV promotes its offer in a new commercial.

The spot features a program of financial news on Sling TV where an analyst named David St. James is invited to talk about the financial market. However, the man’s father shows up, explaining that his son is busy, and starts giving some crypto advice because he watches a lot of financial news on Sling TV. His first tip for viewers is to not store all their crypto under the mattress because it doesn’t grow on trees.

The host asks her team to cut to commercial, which it happens, without David’s dad knowing it. The latter keeps talking while an ad running on TV promotes Sling TV. With Sling, you can choose your channel lineup of live sports, news and entertainment, and you can be confident it’s the TV you love for a price you’ll love.

Earlier this year, Sling TV was promoted in a College Basketball Tournament-themed commercial, which featured a woman welcoming guests to Sling TV’s Fan Freakout Zone, where basketball fans are free to watch and let it all out.

Consumers can try Sling TV for free and get it for $35/month. After the trial period, they will be automatically charged monthly for service unless they cancel online.


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