Skyscanner Serious Travel Hacker Commercial

Digital marketplace Skyscanner has launched a new ad campaign that shows us how conspiracy theorists and computer hackers book their travel.

Created by Skyscanner’s in-house creative team and Little Big Engine, the campaign features several characters – a conspiracy theorist, a computer hacker, and a roleplay gaming geek – each having their own dedicated ad – and the lengths they will go to in order to save time and money when planning a trip.

The computer hacker informs viewers about what they need in order to become a serious travel hacker and lists monitors, travel forums, Windows, blogs, email lists, drives, deals, fridge, energy drinks, and more. One couple suggests she checks Skyscanner because this app searches billions of prices every day from all your favorite travel sites and it’s the best way to make sure you see the cheapest prices, all in one place.

When the travel hacker wants to know if she can visit Skyscanner in the metaverse, the woman says he’s not really sure what the hacker said there.

The campaign introduces Skyscanner as “The ultimate travel hack” and is set to run for three months.

“We wanted to create a full-funnel, highly measurable campaign that brings to life the funny and absurd lengths many of us go to save time and money on our next trip, and shows how Skyscanner is the ultimate travel hack,” Andre Le Masurier, global head of brand and creative at Skyscanner, said in a press release.


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