Skittles Gummies Squish Workout CommercialGirl

Skittles promotes its new gummies range in a 1990’s-inspired workout commercial.

Created by DDB, which marks the agency’s first work for the brand, the spot features a workout class, where the instructor is squishing Skittles gummies between her fingers and asks the participants, all wearing leotards and headbands, to do the same.

A 1-833-GUMMIES phone number appears on the screen, along with the line “Try Skittles Gummies and change your life today.” When viewers call it, the workout instructor encourages them to squish their way to a life way beyond their dreams and gives tips for how to easily squish and visualise this future.

Another commercial in the campaign features a viewer of the exercise tape who starts squishing Skittles gummies for himself.

“Squish the rainbow. Taste the rainbow.” says the voiceover at the end of the commercial.

“We’re thrilled to feature SKITTLES Gummies with a fun take on the soft and poppable texture of our first-ever gummy candy. We hope this new work inspires people to squish SKITTLES gummies for themselves and discover they are the best gummies ever created (in our opinion!),” Fernando Rodrigues, senior brand manager, SKITTLES, said in a press statement.

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