Shopify Start Tokengating Your Online Store Commercial - Skater Girl

Shopify urges business owners to drive sales and build brand loyalty with tokengated commerce – powered by Shopify – in its latest commercial.

“Invite your community into a world that recognizes and rewards loyalty. Token holders connect a crypto wallet to unlock exclusive shopping experiences, from early access to drops and limited collections to one-of-a-kind experiences and other surprises,” the voiceover says in the 30-second ad, urging online store owners to start gating on their Shopify store and unlock the power of their brand’s community.

Tokengated commerce is when access to part of an online store, such as certain products, discounts, or collections, is restricted to customers who own a particular NFT (Non-fungible token). With the help of Shopify’s tokengating app partners, you can select specific NFTs and smart contracts and choose what content they allow access to. If a customer owns one of these NFTs in their crypto wallet, then the app partner grants them access to the restricted content.


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