ShipGo Patricia at the Airport Commercial - Feat. Actress Sara Goeke

ShipGo promotes itself as “the smart, fast, easy way to travel” in a new campaign, titled “Should’ve used”.

One of the ads features spokesperson Patricia (played by actress and writer Sara Goeke) walking through the airport and approaching last-minute travelers, large families with tired children, and over-packers to let them know that they could have avoided airport anxiety due to the curbside drop-off chaos, the excess baggage fees, the long airport check-in lines, and the wasted time at baggage claim, by using ShipGo to ship their luggage ahead.

“If you used ShipGo, this whole thing wouldn’t be a thing,” she tells a large family that carries their luggage from the car to the airport. At this point, the youngest child tells his dad that he doesn’t want to deal with it. In the video, she introduces travelers to, telling them to use the app and ship their bags before they travel.

The commercial ends with the tagline “ShipGo – the smart, fast, easy way to travel” flashing across the screen.
ShipGo specializes in shipping luggage, golf clubs, skis, snowboards, bikes and more, allowing users to focus on making memories on their next trip. The West Palm Beach, Florida-based travel arrangements company also offers customer support seven days a week and is available by email, phone, or live chat to help answer any questions one may have about traveling to their next journey.

Originally from Missouri, Sarah Goeke is now living in New York. Her portfolio also includes commercial and TV appearances for Zales, Panera, Rayban, and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Among her writing projects is a jukebox musical called “Reunion 85” which will be at the Zach Theatre in Austin, Tx, in April 2022.

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