Shake Shack Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Commercial

Shake Shack has released a new ad to promote its Buffalo Chicken.

“If we had to explain buffalo wings to aliens, they’d probably kill all of us,” the voiceover says in the opening of the 15-second commercial, urging viewers to get the new Shake Shack Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, which is made with crispy, hand-breaded chicken breast covered in Buffalo sauce, topped with ranch sauce over pickles and shredded lettuce, on a toasted potato bun.

“It’s everything you love about wings meets everything you love about Shake Shack,” the voiceover says at the end of the spot.

The brand’s Buffalo Chicken menu also includes Buffalo Spiced Fries, which are crispy crinkle cuts dusted with Buffalo seasoning, served with ranch sauce, Buffalo Spiced Cheese Fries, which are crispy crinkle cuts topped with our cheese sauce and dusted with our Buffalo seasoning, served with our ranch sauce.

Shake Shack says all its chicken is real, white-neat breast that’s fresh, never frozen, with no hormones or antibiotics. After being slow-cooked sous vide in a creamy buttermilk marinade, the chicken is dredged and breaded by hand and crisp-fried to-order every single time. The sauce features more flavor thanks to its pronounced vinegary notes and a touch of garlic.

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