Seize the Night & Day Jennifer Aniston Insomnia Commercial

Jennifer Aniston has partnered with Idorsia US to launch “Seize the Night & Day”, an integrated educational campaign aimed at revealing insomnia’s dual impact that affects both nights and days.

The award-winning actress stars in a commercial that sees her struggling to fall asleep until, one morning, a version of her asks her if she’s not tired of this. She reminds her that good days start with good nights and that it seems like a good time to find out about both. At this point, Jennifer starts wondering if they are in an ad.

The commercial ends with the “seize the night & day” logo flashing across the screen, along with the dedicated website, where those who have trouble sleeping are encouraged to go.

The Seize the Night & Day campaign aims to inform, inspire and empower people to take the first steps towards quality sleep through education, actionable information and community support. Besides the digital and TV ads starring Jennifer Aniston, the campaign also includes online educational resources that explore the science behind insomnia, tips to get a better night’s rest and creating a sleep routine, as well as a community forum where people can connect with others to share positive sleep affirmations.


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