RXBAR A.M. Breakfast Bar Commercial Actress

Wholesome snack brand RXBAR advertises its new RXBAR A.M. in a new commercial.

The ad shows a woman on her way to the office, in the morning, with a cup of coffee and an RXBAR A.M. in her hands, who accidentally drops one of her AirPods on the street. She rushes to pick it up, but she doesn’t manage to do that in time and sees it getting crushed by a moving car.

“Mornings are full of BS, Our RXBAR A.M. is not,” the voiceover says in the 15-second spot, which also features the woman taking a seat on a bench nearby and eating her RXBAR A.M, which has a great taste and a soft, crispy texture, 10gr of protein and no BS.

The new RXBAR A.M. rounds up the brand’s offering in terms of protein breakfast bars and features 10g protein and a few simple ingredients, such as soft-rolled oats, creamy nut butter, honey, egg whites, crispy brown rice, and pumpkin seeds.

The RXBAR A.M. lineup, available in three varieties – Honey Cinnamon Peanut Butter, Chocolate, and Blueberry – can be bought from various local and national retailers, including Whole Foods and Target, as well as online, on RXBAR.com and Amazon. Prices start at $2.49 per bar, $8.99 for a 4-count, and 9.99 for a 5-count.

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