Royal Bank of Scotland Advert Actors

Royal Bank of Scotland advertises its Savings Goals tool on the Royal Bank app in a new TV spot, titled “You Can Dream”.

The ad opens with the voiceover saying that this tool is a quick and easy way to help make your dreams come true and features a diverse cast of Royal Bank customers who, after saving for their goals, get to see their dreams becoming reality. One young man, for instance, manages to buy the watch he had wished for from a vintage shop, a woman buys a trailer and travels the country, swimming in lakes, and one man proposes to his girlfriend in Paris, apparently. However, after he gives her the engagement ring, the Eiffel Tower that can be seen through the restaurant window suddenly disappears, revealing that it had been just a sort of wallpaper.

The advert ends with the voiceover urging viewers to start their Savings Goal today with the Royal Bank App because every dream needs a plan.

The Royal Bank app, available to customers aged 11+ with compatible Android devices and a UK or international mobile number in specific countries, also lets users quickly check their account balances and transactions, move money between accounts, send money securely to others, get cash from an ATM without their debit card, manage their bills easily and check the details of Direct Debits and standing orders.