Quaker Cap'n Crunch Family Fighting Soggies Commercial

Quaker promotes its Cap’n Crunch cereals in a new commercial that carries the tagline “Eat the Crunch. Be the Cap’n”.

The spot features a father at the breakfast table who, after noticing some soggies on the kitchen table, asks Cap’n Crunch to have him “crunch-a-tized” and embarks on an adventure, with the rest of his family – wife and two teenage children – to fight the uninvited guests. As they are winning the fight and get back their stolen items, such as the car keys, the girl tells her parents they missed the bus, which makes the father point out that they have a boat.

The end of the commercial sees the four family members eating a bowl of Cap’n Crunch on the boat, while the voiceover says the tagline “Eat the Crunch. Be the Cap’n.”

The Can’n Crunch range includes Crunch Berries, Original, Peanut Butter and Oops All Berries.

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