Promescent Delay Spray Adam & Eve Commercial

Promescent advertises its Delay Spray, which helps men last longer in bed, in a new commercial, featuring Adam and Eve.

“Eve loves me. Not because I’m the only guy or anything, but because I can always get her to finish with help from my Promescent Delay Spray,” Adam says in the opening of the 30-second ad, showing his Delay Spray. He also mentions that, with just a few sprays, he gets way more control”. Eve takes the opportunity to add that he also gets more confidence, which makes Adam shout out that he’s the king of the jungle. His partner reminds him they are actually in a garden.

The commercial ends with an onscreen line informing that Promescent is a trusted solution enjoyed by millions of couples and that the brand offers “free, discreet shipping to your door”.

Prices for the Delay Spray, which is a clinically proven patented formula, start from $22.95. Customers have a 60-day Money Back Guarantee and can also save by subscribing to Promescent newsletter.
The brand offers free shipping on all orders over $10 in US and ensures customers’ privacy by shipping all orders in non-branded packaging.

According to Promescent, its products are promoted by 2000+ medical professionals nationwide.

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