Progressive Bundles Commercial Actress

Progressive advertises its bundles in a new commercial starring its spokesman Jamie.

“Your home… for adventure. Your home… for romance. Your home… for big savings. Because when you bundle home and auto with Progressive, your home is a savings paradise,” the voiceover says in the 45-second spot, which is created like a travel agency ad. Jamie makes an appearance playing the drums and laughing in a couple’s home, where the mother stays in the bathtub with her husband, acting like a teenager, to her teenage daughter’s surprise.

Jamie, played by Jim Cashman, was introduced in Progressive commercials in 2014 as Flo’s coworker and has become, since then, a well-known mascot.

Progressive is not the only insurance company promoting its bundling options. GEICO has an ad campaign specifically created for these, dubbed “Bundling Made Easy,” which highlights the savings customers can get by bundling their home and car insurance.

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