Periscope by General Motors Emergency Brake Commercial Actor - Feat. Guy Spilling Drink on His Jacket

General Motors promotes its Automatic Braking, which is a set of active safety technologies that automatically apply the vehicle’s brakes to help reduce a collision’s severity or to avoid a crash, in a new commercial.

The spot features a couple on their way to a dinner party. While one of the men is driving, the other is sipping from a drink from time to time and explains that the jacket he’s wearing is his favorite jacket and is in fashion. His partner says that, if that’s fashion, his eyes are the victim. At this point, he almost hits the car in front of him, which stopped, and causes his companion to spill the drink on his jacket. Luckily for them, the
es you win,” he tells the driver, who replies he thinks they all win.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying the tagline “Here’s to life’s pleasant surprises. Periscope by General Motors”.

Automatic Braking is comprised of two individual features: Front Automatic Braking and Rear Automatic Braking. Front Automatic Braking helps a driver avoid a forward crash or reduce the severity of crashing into a vehicle in front of it, whether it is moving or has come to a stop. Rear Automatic Braking helps the driver avoid a crash or to mitigate the impact into objects directly behind their vehicle. The system provides alerts and automatically applies hard, emergency braking when the vehicle is in the Reverse gear and traveling 0.5 and 20 mph.

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