Peloton App Christopher Meloni Commercial

Peloton has enlisted Christopher Meloni to promote its mobile app. The “Law and Order: Organized Crime” star does this by going all naked in an ad that celebrates The National Nude Day.

The spot, created by Ryan Reynold’s Maximum Effort agency, features Meloni wearing nothing but socks and sneakers and doing various workouts. “Apparently, some people think the way I work out is strange. Honestly, I don’t get it,” he says while lifting some weights in his living room, completely naked. He then declares he doesn’t think that using the Peloton app is strange at all because the app gets him motivated to do lots of different workouts, like yoga, cardio, meditation, and strength training. The actor, who is shown doing crunches on the mat, yoga by the pool, meditation in a garden, and cardio, also mentions he uses the app even for running, which he does naked, as well. As he takes a jog down a path, passing by a couple on a bench with a dog, the pet says – according to the subtitles, “Wow! He really does have a great app!”.

“Now that seems strange to you?” he asks looking at the camera, toward the end of the 60-second commercial.

The voiceover points out that, in the Peloton community, users are represented by two separated yet equally motivated groups: those who wear pants and Christopher Meloni.

Meloni is known for working out nude. “I work out naked. It’s my gym. “I don’t black out the window. And I’m OK with that. My wife (Sherman Williams) is not,” he said at the 2022 NBCUniversal upfronts in May.


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