Pedigree Dentastix Messy Baby Commercial

Pedigree promotes its Dentastix oral care dog dental sticks in a new commercial.

The spot features a dad who has just finished feeding his baby and leaves the kitchen for a few seconds to grab some tissues and clean the baby’s face, which is all covered in fruit puree before mom returns home. When he comes back, though, he finds the baby all cleaned up and realizes that the family’s dog took care of his “task”. “Good work!” he tells the pet, who also gets a Dentastix as a reward.

Dentastix cleans so you can get closer,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial.

The unique x-shaped dog treats clean teeth down the gumline, freshen breath and reduce plaque and tarter buildup. Dentastix is available is three varietes – Fresh, Original with Real Chicken, and Beef Flavor.

The brand also encourages dog owners to treat their dogs to fresher breath with CHEWY CHUNX – innovative delicious bite-sized oral care treats with savory chicken flavor and no added sugar, which reduce plaque buildup to clean teeth and support gum health.

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