Only Natural Diamonds Ana de Armas in Mallorca Commercial

Only Natural Diamonds has enlisted Ana de Armas to star in its latest ad campaign.

The film, titled “For Moments Like No Other” and meant to help you discover the joy of natural diamonds and the moments that stay with us forever, features the actress, who serves as a Global Ambassador for the brand, adorned in sparkling diamond jewelry, traveling on a dreamy, sun-drenched European holiday in Mallorca and delivering the following message in voiceover: “This is our life. And life needs light. Life needs this touch. Touch needs our love. Love needs time. Moments are yours to make. Because they will last forever. For moments like no other”.

Among the pieces included in the collection are a sunburst pendant, which symbolizes radiance, fulfillment and a profound love of life, cascade earrings featuring diamond stones that are reminiscent of water spray and droplets, bracelets in varying diamond cuts in white, yellow, and rose gold, and more.

The soundtrack music is the 1965 single “Aline” by French singer Christophe, from the album of the same name.

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