OnDeck Loan Falcon Commercial

OnDeck, America’s largest online small business lender, promotes its services in a new campaign, titled “Better Way”.

One of the spots features a bakery worker telling her manager that, with OnDeck, they could get a small business loan and order more equipment the same day. The man, played by Matt Ritchey, would rather call a loan falcon. The bird shows up with lots of money but, at the same time, wreaks havoc, terrifying the customers and damaging various items in the bakery.

“Loan falcon, why?” the store owner asks at the end of the commercial, which sees the voiceover saying “There’s a better way to get a fast, small business loan” and introducing OnDeck, “the online lender that makes it easy to choose your loan and, if approved, get funds as soon as the same day.”

Consumers can talk to a loan advisor by calling (888)269-4246.

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