On New Cloudmonster Shoe Get Weird Commercial / TV Advert

Swiss running brand On has unveiled its weirdest creation yet, the Cloudmonster, a shoe with more CloudTec and more cushioning than before, and promotes its in a new commercial.

The spot opens with a snapshot of a neighborhood, where a woman has a phone conversation, another woman reads the newspaper, and a child plays on the stairs with a figurine toy. At some point, something happens and things start to be taken by storm. The woman’s newspaper, the pizza boxes from a delivery guy’s hands and the piece of material covering the child’s toy are blown away by what seems to be a very strong wind. However, it soon turns out it’s actually a man running on the sidewalk with his On Cloudmonster.

The commercial ends with the “Get weird” jingle and the brand’s website, on-running.com, appearing on the screen.

The Cloudmoster features an oversized Cloudtec cell and Helion foam midsole for a super supportive fit and feel, with additional support on the forefoot and heel, plus a custom fit speed board, an innovative new upper with a technical mesh tongue and breathable patted upper, and a new heal lock design that sits perfectly. Tge lacing configuration boasts a redesgined structure to prevent any pain while still locking the shoe onto your heel, which makes them perfect for wearing all-day.

“On shoes have always felt different, but this one is next level. Thanks to the biggest Cloud elements ever, running in the Cloudmonster is like running on clouds with the volume up full. Super-soft landings meet maximum rebound for a sensation no runner could ignore,” the brand said in a press release.

On also says that the Cloudmonster is the perfect shoe for energizing easy everyday running or adding fun to the longer Sunday run and it can also be used for recovery runs or gentler days.

The Cloudmonster is available for £150 from on-running.com and selected retail partners worldwide.

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