Old Navy Back to School Commercial Girl - Price on Lock

Old Navy showcases its Back to School 2022 collection in a new commercial, announcing that it has locked in prices on kids’ back-to-school essentials.

The spot is, once again, written by the internet and features the tweets that served as inspiration for it, brought to life. Thus, viewers get to see a group of kids getting out of a school bus, kids popping collars on the bus, a girl doing a spin and posing on the sidewalk, children during an art class and others playing with one of those sweet, giant parachutes, a middle school choir using a filter while singing, and other kids breakdancing.

The soundtrack music is the 2022 single “Back With My Bestie (Best Day)” by All Talk.

The retailer now offers new cardmembers the chance to get 30% off their first purchase when they open a Navyist Rewards Credit Card and use it. The deal is valid in-store and online until August 12.

Old Navy customers can also get up to 50% off pants, tops and dresses, up to 50% off kids on sale, and back-to-school styles from $5.

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