Ocado Slot Sue & Simon Advert - Feat. Talking Apple & Pineapple

Ocado has launched a new ad campaign, titled “Food for Thought”, which transforms customers into talking fruit and veggies to inform/remind the UK nation of the multiple benefits of doing their weekly shop, online at Ocado.

Created by agency St. Luke’s, the campaign includes a series of spots that approach customer testimonials in a fresh and thumb-stopping way. One of them features Sue & Simon, an apple and a pineapple from Nottingham who declare that they always get a slot that is convenient for them. “It’s never that we’ve got to arrange our life around the Ocado slot, the Ocado slot can be arranged around our life,” Simon the pineapple says. “Flow, isn’t it?” his partner asks at the end of the spot, which concludes with the onscreen line “Your 5-a-day delivered from 5:30am to midnight” and the tagline “There’s an Ocado just for you”.

Other animated characters include Dorothy and Ruth, an egg and cress who discus Ocado’s wide range of mayonnaise, and Masuma & Imtiaz, two loved-up berries who appreciate Ocado delivering M&S straight to their door.

Over the next four weeks, several other animated films will launch across Ocado’s social channels.

“It’s important to us that we’re delivering a great experience for our Ocado customers. From offering more choice of products than any other supermarket to ensuring that deliveries arrive as ordered, without substitutions. This campaign perfectly captures our customers’ sentiment, in their own words,” Laura Harricks, chief customer officer, Ocado, said in a press statement.

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