Nespresso Commercial Feat. George Clooney & Jean Dujardin Stealing

George Clooney stars in a new ad for Nespresso’s recyclable capsules, alongside Jean Dujardin and Camille Cottin.

Titled “How far would you go for the Unforgettable Taste of a Nespresso coffee?”, the spot features Clooney in his apartment, being visited by his friend Dujardin, who doesn’t refuse a cup of Nespresso coffee. When it turns out his host has only one capsule left, the two start a race to get their hands on the item. However, when the capsule flies out of the window onto Camille Cottin’s balcony, right under Clooney’s apartment, they team up to recover it. Clooney, lowered down the side of the building in a wicker chair by Dujardin, even steals Camille’s cup of freshly brewed Nespresso coffee so that they can both enjoy a cup. The lady realizes who the thief is and pays a visit to her neighbor. She doesn’t go bare-handed, though, but with an aluminum capsule for him and reminds him to recycle it.

The action-comedy ad debuted on November 15 and is set to run across multiple channels in more than 20 European countries.

Clooney and Dujardin had their first on-screen encounter eight years ago. “We had a great time shooting this sequel – being reunited with Jean is always a pleasure but this time having the brilliant Camille bring her touch of sophistication to the set made for the perfect dynamic. With coffee taste and sustainability being at the heart of this commercial, it felt natural for me to be part of this campaign with my Nespresso family,” George Clooney said in a press release.

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