Nerdwallet Dad & Son in Tent Penguin Commercial

Nerdwallet promotes its website in a new commercial, which encourages consumers to compare their way to adventure.

The 30-second ad features a father and his young son in a tent, in front of their house, reading a bedtime story and concluding that they need a real adventure. As the man takes out his phone and starts using NerdWallet, the two are transported into various different places, such as the desert, an Antarctic coast where penguins live.

The voiceover mentions that you can compare travel credit cards that help you book adventures beyond your backyard and cashback cards that let you turn everyday purchases into your next unforgettable experience.

The commercial ends with the father and son driving along a beach, with their tent in the pickup truck, and with the voiceover urging viewers to compare their way there and find the smartest financial products for them on NerdWallet. Eventually, the tagline “Turn to the nerds” is flashing across the screen.


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