Müller frijj Advert Actor

Müller advertises its frijj Chocolate flavor milkshake in a new advert.

The spot features a man grabbing a bottle of frijj from the fridge and opening it, eager to drink it. However, when a “Mooo” is heard, he immediately puts the tap back on. His roommate, who it turns out is the owner of that bottle, asks from another room if he’s drinking his frijj. The “thief” says he isn’t but he doesn’t manage to stay away from the delicious milkshake and, eventually, drinks it to stop the “Moo” coming out of the bottle.

The ad, which highlights that this drink has lots of milk and loads of chocolate flavor, ends with the tagline “Feel the urjj” flashing across the screen.

The frijj range also features several other flavors, including Strawberry, Banana, Fudge Brownie and Cookie Dough.

These milkshakes are a source of calcium, protein and vitamin B12.

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