Moonpig Valentine's Day TV Advert - Skateboarding Pig

Moonpig has unveiled its Valentine’s Day advert, showcasing some of its cards for the occasion.

The 30-second ad features Cho, a young woman who wonders if she could ever find a Valentine’s card as perfect as her boyfriend. Scrolling through Moonpig cards, she finds one that she likes and writes down a message for Andre, her partner. “Dear Andre, Happy Valentine’s Day! We really do make a great pair. Love, Cho,” is the message a cute Moonpig delivers to the young man, who is in his garage, repairing his bike, when the unexpected guest arrives.

The voiceover says that Cho sent the Valentine’s Day card on its way with a loving tap, to be delivered with thousands of other kisses, cuddles, and “love you lots” all over the land.

“For this Valentine’s Day, it must be a Moonpig,” the voiceover adds the end of the advert, which also encourages viewers to download the app on Google Store or on the App Store.


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