M&M's Snowman Christmas Commercial

M&M’s wants everyone to feel the warmth this holiday season, including snowmen, apparently.

The brand has dropped a new ad, featuring its spokes candies, who are lounging on the sofa, by the fireplace. Looking at a snowman placed near the fire, Red asks Green the reason why she invited the snowman. “He was out there, all alone,” explains Green. The snowman praises their party and says he wishes the night would last forever but in the meantime, his carrot nose falls to the floor and he starts melting. Green realizes she must do something and decides to get him up.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying the tagline “M&M’s. Bringing cheer for all funkind”.

In 2021, which marked the brand’s first Super Bowl spot since 2019, the candy marketer positioned its sweet colorful candies as a thoughtful way to apologize for life’s little irritations and come together. The ad, created by M&M’s longtime creative agency BBDO New York, featured a cameo from “Schitt’s Creek” star Dan Levy promising to two M&M’s spokes candies that he won’t eat any more of their friends.

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