Manor Weihnachtswerbung 2022

Swiss department store MANOR aims to highlight that the best gift from the entire universe are from MANOR in its Christmas 2022 commercial.

The spot features a young couple trying to outdo each other in their search for the perfect gift. It all starts when the wife gives her husband a cat toy and he comes back with a nice gift box in which she finds a real kitten. The next gift is a snowglobe with a figurine version of the couple inside of it, which the husband offers to his wife. Willing to prove she can do way better, embarks on a mission to sculpt real-life-size versions of them in front of their home, which she manages, of course. Her creation impresses not only the man but also their family and friends. Later on, when the husband returns home with a star from space, the wife ends the competition with a present that she got from MANOR. Opening the gift box, the man sees something so stunning that it leaves him speechless and the woman realizes she won the “competition”.

The soundtrack music is the show tune composed by Irving Berlin for the 1946 Broadway musical Annie Get Your Gun, titled Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better).

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