Maltesers Family Dinner Advert Girl Helen

Maltesers and AMV BBDO have launched a new ad campaign, titled “Look on the light side” and aimed at poking fun at embarrassing family interactions.

One of the two 20-second spots included in the campaign features a family dinner where a young woman named Helen is asked by her aunt how her love life is. The girl answers that it’s good and, to the woman’s surprise, asks her what her own love life looks like and if uncle David (her husband) is keeping her satisfied. “Good, thanks. Yours? Uncle David keeping you satisfied?” is the young woman’s question. Left speechless, the lady smiles, looks at her husband and then reaches for a Maltesers.

“There’s a constant pressure on women to hit certain milestones at certain times. Get engaged, buy a house, have kids, take up needlepoint. But there’s no ‘right’ way to go through life, so let’s celebrate women who reject the status quo, live life at their own pace – and do it with a sense of humour,” Ellyse O’Connor, Europe Regional Brand & Content Manager, Maltesers, declared in a press statement.

The campaign, which also includes social, radio, and OOH executions, is set to run throughout the rest of the year.

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