Maker's Mark Whisky Commercial - Feat. Actress Katie Reese

Maker’s Mark promotes its whisky in a commercial that carries the tagline “Make It Remarkable”.

The spot opens with a man (played by Dean Simone) who returns home and, seeing a pair of leopard-print flats by the door, comes up with the idea of surprising his daughter with a thoughtful gift. The latter (played by Katie Reese) is shown receiving a pair of leopard-print rain boots in a package. She decides to put them on and go to her dad with a bottle of Marker’s Mark to thank him. On her way, she listens to a song through headphones and jumps in puddles. Arriving at her father’s apartment, she finds him drinking a glass of Maker’s Mark. She shows him her bottle and they enjoy together a glass of their favorite drink.

“This is our Maker’s moment and we make it remarkable,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial.

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