Macy's Christmas Commercial - Husband Gifting His Wife Diamond Necklace

Macy’s has launched its holiday campaign with a spot promoting its fine jewelry.

The spot features a family around the Christmas tree, exchanging gifts on Christmas Eve. The husband hopes to wow his wife with an unexpected gift and manages to leave her speechless. When she opens the gift box, she sees a stunning diamond necklace. Asked what she thinks about it and if she likes it, the woman doesn’t answer, which makes the rest of the family confused. “Use your words,” her son suggests, but she is still speechless. At some point, the husband finds it necessary to mention that he has a receipt so she doesn’t need to get mad, but it turns out she is extremely impressed by this gift and rushes to give him a hug.

The commercial ends with an onscreen line directing viewers to the GiftFinder section on the retailer’s website, as well as with the tagline “Give Love. Give Style.”

Macy’s range of fine jewelry includes a variety of necklaces, as well as earrings, bracelets, rings, gemstones, and more. The retailer also sells wedding jewelry, fashion jewelry, watches and luxury watches, with the possibility for customers to pay in installments.

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