Little Caesars New Hot-N-Ready Classic Changed Red Haired Actor Commercial - Dramatic Change

Little Caesars has dropped a new commercial for its new Hot-N-Ready Classic, which has now 33% more pepperoni and is available from for $5.55.

The spot, dubbed “Dramatic Change,” opens with a man entering a Little Caesars restaurant, where an employee wants to tell him about the change they’ve made to the Hot-N-Ready Classic. The customer doesn’t have the patience to listen to her sentence, though, and – once he hears the word “changed” – turns around and, highly disappointed, spreads the word that Little Caesars have changed and they aren’t what they used to be anymore. He tells a balloon guy, a karate man, a teenager street dancing, and more. He eventually decides to go back to the restaurant and ask about the reason why they changed. He thus learns that the new Hot-N-Ready Classic has now 33% more pepperoni and tastes even better, which makes him willing get one of those.

The commercial ends with the voiceover urging viewers to walk in and walk out with a new Hot-N-Ready Classic with 33% more pepperoni.

The menu items is available at participating locations for a limited time only. Prices may vary and customers will also pay a tax where applicable.

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