Lindt Chocolate Commercial Actress

Chocolate brand Lindt promotes its Classic Recipe range in a new commercial.

The 15-second ad features two girl friends eating a Lindt Classic Recipe Milk chocolate bar together and communicating with each other through sounds and facial expressions. “Wow!” “exclaims” the first one after taking a bite from a piece. “This is amazing”, comments her friend, who’s wearing an all-white outfit. She also points out that “it’s so creamy”.

The next scene shows a Lindt master chocolatier pouring milk into a bowl to make “mil chocolate beyond words”.

The voiceover introduces the Classic Recipe range, which also includes Hazelnut, Chookie and Creme, and more.

The brand offers, on its website, a delicious assortment of exclusive LINDOR, EXCELLENCE, gifts and new recipes.

Consumers can now get one chocolate bar for free when they buy 3, and two chocolate bars for free when they buy 5.

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