Lexus LX 600 Commercial

Lexus has dropped a new ad for its LX 600.

Titled “Drumroll, Please,” the commercial features a diverse cast of people getting ready for their day and driving the LX 600 to their destination, which is a stadium, a hospital, or a press conference. On their way there, the individuals get to prepare themselves even better for their “big moment”. One man, for instance, uses the available rear captain’s seat that reclines for a full body refresh, one woman is ready to hold a press conference with confidence, and a surgeon enters the operation room.

“No moment is too big” an onscreen line reads at the end of the spot, which introduces the Lexus LX 600 as the car “ready for any arena”.

The all-new Lexus LX 600 features a sleek, modern silhouette, and a completely reimagined interior, the first-ever F SPORT Handling and Ultra Luxury styles, a dual touchscreen display and rear captain’s seats that recline up to 48 degrees.

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