LensCrafters Sharon Stone Commercial

LensCrafters has teamed up with Sharon Stone of its new “Your Eyes First” campaign, which focuses on the expertly tailored eye care services that LensCrafters offers and the new spring designer eyewear collections.

The spot features the award-winning actress and producer entering a LensCrafters branch, where she is welcome by an employee who already knows, to her surprise, that she is there for her annual eye exam. During the exam, she is surprised to find out that the specialist there already knows that she has trouble reading. However, after browsing through a selection of eyeglasses and choosing the perfect pair for her, she becomes the one that surprises those around her with her answers. When another employee, an EyeCar Advisor named Adam, talks about the way a pair of glasses makes him feel, the actress interrupts him, continuing the phrase for him. She thus says that those glasses make him feel “like is the most fabulous thing he has ever seen, “like lightning is running up and down his spine”, which makes Adam reply “Exactly”.

The end of the commercial sees Sharon Stone exiting the LensCrafters branch with the confidence one has when wearing the perfect pair of glasses to look and see their best.

LensCrafters, which is part of EssilorLuxottica and one of the largest optical retail brands in North America, announced Sharon Stone the face of the brand’s “Your Eyes First” communications campaigns on February 28, 2022.

“Eyewear has become an empowering outlet to show my personality through accessories. I am thrilled to partner with LensCrafters for the ‘Your Eyes First’ campaign demonstrating that the right pair of glasses can provide a fresh twist to elevate your style while taking your overall health into account. From getting an eye exam to being fitted for new frames, LensCrafters provides a personalized, elevated experience,” Stone said in a press statement regarding her partnership with the brand.

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