LEGO Christmas Commercial - Feat. Katy Perry

LEGO is sending Katy Perry and her LEGO helpers on a mission to remind the world that kindness and creativity are the gifts that keep on giving. The brand encourages us all, in its recently released Christmas ad, to “build a playful holiday”.

The spot features a group of children who find the most amazing gift-giving vehicle that’s ever been built right in front of their house. Part spaceship, part castle and part giraffe, the unique oversized LEGO vehicle takes them to the town, where they start offering gifts to other children. Throughout the ad, which ends with the onscreen line “Build a playful holiday”, Katy Perry is shown singing on the LEGO vehicle her hit single “Firework”. Eventually, the tagline “Rebuild the world” also flashes across the screen, while a smaller onscreen line encourages viewers to visit the Holiday section on the brand’s website.

The pop superstar has thus become the first celebrity to feature in the brand’s ads.

LEGO invites you to discover its movie-themed toys for Christmas and surprise your dear ones with a unique gift. There are LEGO Star Wars toys, Super Hero toys, Harry Potter toys, Minecraft toys, and many more.

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