Junk King Removal Service Commercial Actor

Junk King advertises its services in a new commercial, highlighting that they are the nation’s top rated junk hauling company.

“Why should you call Junk King when you need someone to take care of your stuff? Because we’re the nation’s top rated junk hauling company,” a man dressed as a king says in the opening of the 30-second spot. While workers around him handle various items and load them into a truck, the young man declares that the company’s customer service has won actual awards, not just participation trophies, and that they also recycle. “You junk becomes someone else’s treasure,” he also mentions whilst taking a seat on a sofa, adding that 60% of everything they collect gets repurposed.

Just when he urges viewers to call the King when they need someone to help them out, Michael Andreacchi, CEO of Junk King, shows up, asking him to get back to work. The latter, who it turns out is a worker named Kyle, says sorry and rushes back to his tasks.

Onscreen lines highlight that Junk King is America’s Greenest Junk Removal Service and contact data are shown, as well. People can call 888-888-JUNK or visit junk-king.com to declutter their home or business.

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