Juniper Networks Commercial Actress

Juniper Networks has released a series of new ads to promote its industry-leading AI, which gives users insight into exactly what’s wrong, helping them thus to fix it before anyone notices a problem.

The commercial opens with a team manager approaching her team members, who are literally flexible, stretching near their desks, and letting them know that she just got a request to refresh the network in 300 of their offices by the following week. One of the workers says it could take months and the manager admits that this is true. As they are working at their laptops bended over backwards, a Juniper representative points out that it doesn’t have to be this way and informs them that Juniper’s industry-leading AI automatically sets up, configures and validates thousands of secure SD-WAN connections in minutes so they don’t have to bend over backwards.

Another ad features two IT professionals working with blinders on and trying to understand the cause of a Wi-Fi problem, who learn about Juniper’s AI, able to remove all their blind spots.


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