Jamba Juice Red-Haired Girl Commercial

Jamba continues its “Just Gotta Jamba” campaign with a new installment.

The spot showcases the brand’s range of boba smoothies, including acai-super antioxidant + boba, gotcha matcha + boba, island pitaya bowl + boba, mango-a-go-go + boba, pomegranate paradise + boba, strawberries wild + boba, and vanilla blue sky bowl + boba.

“Boost it with boba” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, which features a red-haired Jamba worker.

Jamba’s offering also includes classic smoothies, plant-based smoothies, super blends, as well as smoothies good for kids. There also are iced beverages, bowls, packs, fresh juice n’ shots, grab n’ go, and food, too. Customers can opt for sandwiches, egg bake and baked goods.

The brand gives consumers the chance to order their favorite Jamba smoothies, beverages or bowls on the Jampa website and the Jamba app and have them delivered right to them. My Jamba rewards members can also apply rewards and earn points on delivery orders when they order on jamba.com or the jamba app.

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