Ikea UK Advert Girl

Ikea UK has released a new installment in its “Wonderful Everyday” campaign. This time, the retailer encourages people to personalize their space and make it feel like their own.

Titled “It won’t feel like home ’til it feels like you” and directed by Nick Gordon, the 30-second spot opens with the members of a family as they return home, in a house they have recently moved in. Various items around the house are brought to life and act as if they don’t want those persons inside. The entrance “Welcome” rug changes its text and asks “Who’s this?”, a woman in a painting frowns as if intruders came in, and a light bulb almost prevents the youngest girl from entering her room.

“It won’t feel like home ’til it feels like you,” the voiceover says. As the family members start making some small changes around the house, that help turn the space into their place, the unfriendly items, including the woman in the painting, start having another attitude. Eventually, the house turns into their home.

The soundtrack music is Rat Race by Gift Of The Gab.

The Swedish retailer says you don’t need deep pockets or a radical renovation to make home feel like you and “all that’s needed is a brush of your creativity and a big bucket of self-expression”. Ikea encourages home owners to decorate their walls with their passions, brighten up their hallways with their personality and spruce up their kitchen with what feeds their soul. The retailer gives people, on its website, a series of tips and useful information on how to personalise their home. Visitors will find ways to express themselves, how to create a hobby hub for the entire family, a cool gaming station in disguise, an on-off hobby wall, a fun DYI storage wall, and more.

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