IHOP Rewards Program Bank of Pancakes Commercial

IHOP promotes its Rewards Program, which is an upgraded loyalty program that gives customers the chance to earn PanCoins (digital tokens that can be used to buy more food), in a new commercial.

The spot opens with pancakes being prepared in an IHOP kitchen while consumers are hanging out and having fun at the tables.

The voiceover informs that – when you join IHOP’s new Rewards Program – the International Bank of Pancakes is stacking PanCoins toward free food and you get a smile on your plate. The narrator also urges viewers to download the mobile app and join the Rewards Program.

IHOP customers can earn PanCoins in three different ways – by paying directly from the app via a QR code at their table, entering a code or scanning a bar code on a physical receipt, or placing a to-go or delivery order via the brand’s website or app.

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