Ibotta Cash Back Sunscreen Girl & Mom Commercial

Ibotta continues its “There’s Cash Back in Everything You Buy” campaign with a new installment.

The spot features a mother who sprays money on her daughter instead of sunscreen. She explains that they shop with Ibotta in-store and online because it gives them cashback on everything they buy. When the girl asks if this is why she’s shooting money all over her, the woman confirms, saying that it’s a visual metaphor to show there’s cashback in everything.

At this point, the girl’s brother, who’s listening to music through headphones and is covered by coins falling from them, asks if they can’t just say “lots of cashback, get all that cash. Ibotta”.

Their uncle, who’s outside with another man, standing near a barbecue, points out that kids just don’t understand how commercials work. When he lifts the grill lid, lots of cash begin to fall from it and the kids’ mother shows up with a fire extinguisher that shoots money.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying “In-store, online, there’s cashback in everything you buy.” An onscreen line urges viewers to download the app or the browser extension.


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