HP Work Happy Commercial Parrots

HP has launched a new global campaign aimed to position the office tech company as an indispensable brand in the new world of remote and hybrid work.

The main spot, created by Wiedn+Kennedy Portland, highlights that rules have changed and inspires people to “Work Happy”. The main character, a chief exec clad in a three-piece suit and donning a trim moustache, lectures viewers on “the ground rules” they will need to follow in order “to be successful.” “You’ll need to come in early,” “Master the cold call”, and “Make sure you get plenty of facetime with the boss” are only some of these rules. However, juxtaposed footage shows scenes from the lives of people living a remote or hybrid work lifestyle and how HP products help them work anywhere and successfully juggle their personal and professional lives. Thus, viewers get to see a man running with his surfboard out of the ocean and to his “office”, which is actually a laptop perched on some gear just a few yards up the beach, another man riding a chairlift in a blizzard, holding a tablet and talking to colleagues on a video call, and another man leaning away from his computer during a FaceTime call to make a funny face at his daughter, who’s sitting just across from him.

“The rules have changed” an onscreen line reads at the end of the 60-second commercial, which sees the tagline “Work happy” appearing on the screen, as well.

“If there is one thing we are sure about, it’s that the rules have changed. Success and even happiness look a lot different today than they did years before, both in our professional and personal lives. HP is focusing on solutions and products that allow you to work in whatever way works best for you, and together our goal with this campaign is for everyone to find a way to ‘Work Happy,'” said Christen Brestrup, creative director at Wieden+Kennedy Portland.


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