Hobby Lobby Christmas Commercial - Feat. Girl Selling Hot Cocoa

Hobby Lobby highlights that you can save 60% off on all your Christmas needs in its Christmas 2022 commercial.

The spot features two young girls at two neighboring Christmas tree farms, who enter a sort of competition ahead of Christmas, to see which one sells more hot cocoa. One of them, actually, steals the other’s idea and sets out to demonstrate that she can have more people buying from her.

However, as the film ends, it turns out she realized that this holiday is about being kind to each other and that she decided to sell marshmallows instead of hot cocoa. Moreover, she approaches her peer with a bag of marshmallows to invite her to join forces and have one stand, that sells both hot cocoa and marshmallows.

“Christmas is what you make it” an onscreen line reads at the end of the heartwarming film, which also informs that customers get 60% off Christmas.

The arts and crafts store had the same tagline in the past years, celebrating the effort people make for their dear ones. In last year’s Christmas ad, a girl who makes various winter-related drawings gets to see them brought to life by her parents.

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