Heinz Vegetarian Vampire Commercial

Heinz encourages all vampires to make the switch and go vegetarian with HEINZ Tomato Blood in its Halloween commercial.

The brand has released a hilarious ad, presented as a “Vegetarian Vampire Recruitment Film”, and shows Toby, a 280-years old vegetarian vampire and influencer, who encourages his fellow vampires to think of humans as friends, stop drinking their blood and go, instead, for HEINZ Tomato “blood”.

“There’s a lot of misconceptions around being a veggie vampire” he says, mentioning that “you have to drink like hundreds of bottles of tomato blood a week”. He gets upset seeing one of his human friends putting the tasty ketchup, which he calls tomato blood, on wedge potatoes and even eggs, but he can’t consider eating human blood again because humans have made some really interesting things, like blackout curtains, sunscreen and tomato blood.

Toby ends with speech by telling his fellow vampires to reconsider their options next time they want to eat someone and go vegetarian because humans are people too.

The commercial concludes with the onscreen lines “Become a vegetarian vampire. Eat Heinz Tomato Blood.”

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